Brian Fies’ Posts on Medical Examinations Conference

Mom's Cancer - Brian Fies

Mom’s Cancer – Brian Fies

Just in case you missed it a few months ago, Brian Fies – author of cancer narrative Mom’s Cancer  – posted on his blog about his experience in Riverside (and more here!) at our 2013 Medical Examinations conference at the Culver Arts Center. It was truly an incredible experience meeting the people behind this story – Mr. Fies and his family, as well as getting to hear him speak so movingly about the creative process behind his work, why he chose the comic format rather than a literary one, the evolution of his love for comics, as well as some of the memories of his family’s experience with his mother’s cancer; at times hilariously funny (owing to his mother’s amazing wit and humor), at others absolutely heart-wrenching. Thanks again to Mr. Fies and his family for joining us, it was an absolute pleasure for all and we look forward to having them again in the future!