Artificial Life: Debating Medical Modernity Conference. April 19-21, 2018

Time for our bi-annual Medical Humanities Conference. This year’s theme is Artificial Life: Debating Medical Modernity.

To debate our medical modernity means to historicize, criticize, and question the comforting narrative of society’s improving health by exploring accounts of marginalized knowledge and criticisms of the modern medical paradigm. We invite questions about the subjects of medical practice as the line between human and nonhuman, even that between organic and inorganic, is being challenged by diverse fields of scholarship. We are especially interested in papers that explore how life is being reimagined and reinvented by practices such as genetic engineering, medical prosthesis, and biochemical interventions into the body. This conference explores what it means to think of medicine and modernity under three rubrics: historical practice, the relationship between varied biomedical and non-biomedical practices, and the role of prosthetics in medicine.

Abstracts are due Feb. 9, 2018.